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and it feels like flying, doesn't it? - 1/1

and it feels like flying, doesn't it? (yunho/jaejoong)
748 words. G

Jaejoong can fly and Yunho can't. But that doesn't matter.

icarus lied, jaejoong thinks, scraping the underside of the sun with his blunted fingernails.

in this lighting, he is terrifying.

his eyes aren't purple or blue or grey or whatever the stylist's whim decides; they're brown. they're dark dark dark brown and sometimes light brown but in this lighting they are dark brown and the blinding shine washes all the faults from his pale, dying face, accenting each mole with dark little sunspot kisses where the concealer wears thin. his hair is black, jet black, and unnaturally so except for the stripe of brown that slides down where his hair parts. his lips are scrubbed down to a lightened pink, except for where they part, because inside it is dark and vivid and warm and wet and moving. but it's his eyes, the ones that are staring directly into the bright bright glare, unblinkingly, fearlessly, that makes him terrifying.

yunho thinks that he could kiss jaejoong like this.

"come down," he says, holding onto the boney ankle that sticks out from the rooftop ledge. "please."

jaejoong turns to yunho. "are you scared?"

yunho looks at the purplish bags under jaejoong's eyes, how tired and wasted he looks even in the burning midday sun, and the worn down bits of skin next to jaejoong's nails from hours and hours of biting, and the blossoming red bruises all up and down his neck.

"yeah," he admits. "i am."

jaejoong grins, painted with careless bravado. "sit with me."

"can't," he replies, regretfully, pressing his forehead to jaejoong's dangling leg. "i don't have wings like you do. if i fell off, i would die."

"that's okay," jaejoong whispers, "isn't it? and besides. they'd kill you before you'd finish falling."

yunho laughs, rubbing away the burning in his eyes with an open palm. "are you trying to be metaphorical?"

"maybe," he says, and pushes his hands all through yunho's hair. "why would you be afraid of heights if you think i have wings?"

yunho tilts his head at this, stares up at jaejoong with just one eye. there's a curve in jaejoong's mouth, a crinkle in the corner of his right eye, but it's so far from a smile. he rubs up and down jaejoong's leg with his hand, cheek pressed against his thigh. a bird blocks out the sun for milliseconds and yunho's entire world flickers. in the dark he can see the vibrant shimmer of jaejoong's heartbeat, and that's all it takes for him to crawl up onto the broken cement ledge, swinging his long legs so they dangle from the side of the building.

"knew you'd do it," jaejoong grins, slipping his hand into yunho's and running his fingers all over yunho's wrist. he brings yunho's hand up to his mouth, breathes a string of words into the palm, and smiles expectantly.

yunho looks down thirty stories with a perfect vertical drop. he could break his neck this way. his feet look awkward and small in the middle of the air like that, without any ground to hold them still. he feels impossibly small, and the sun makes him want to close his eyes but he's sure that if he did he'd tip forward and tumble all the way down.

then he looks at jaejoong, all washed out colours and hopeful eyes, grabs jaejoong's hand with his own and breathes the same string of words into his shoulder.

"afraid of dying still?" jaejoong says, and he almost sounds smug. he slips an arm around yunho's waist, and yunho slings an arm over his shoulders. they pull each other close until they're pressed side by side, legs hooked against each other and jaejoong's free leg is thumping erratic beats against the building. yunho's free leg swings and hits on the beat so jaejoong's rhythm ends up melodic.

"yeah. you?"

jaejoong laughs, clear and crisp against the grey city backdrop. "of course. i'm only icarus with my ink painted wings and english feathers. but you know, i can fly. i'll fly all the way down."

"i believe you," yunho says, and he means it more than anything. he presses a kiss to jaejoong's temple, and jaejoong reciprocates with one to the underside of his chin.

"good. because if you didn't, i wouldn't paint wings on your back for you."

"i don't need wings to fly," yunho says, mumbling into the thick blanket of blue blue sky around them. "i have you."

and jaejoong laughs at this, terrifying and beautiful all over again.

Tags: fandom: dbsk, pairing: yunho/jaejoong, writing
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