yc; dark enough to block you out

cannonball - 1/1

cannonball. (yoochun/changmin)
4 224 words. pg. au.
◦ contest entry for the 2009 partner challenge at dbsk_secretgame
◦ created with support, motivation, and art from 0kiwi0. if you have a comment specifically about the drawings, be sure to visit city_of_gods and let her know! all pictures, when clicked, will lead directly to the post in her art community.
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when he goes to bed, the sun is just about to come up. the sky is full of colours, the warm kind, all purple and orange and pink.

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cm; eyes to the sky and distortion

kiss a sky - 1/1

kiss a sky. (yoochun/changmin)
722 words. AU. G
originally posted here.

Paris is where things-that-never-happened happen.

this prompt actually made me want to draw a picture at first. so i did. and then i wrote something for it because dbsk_flashfic is a writing comm.
machine_of_july because new friends are fun and she makes me want to draw.

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yj; you and i we'll rule the world

This is Hap pi n e s s. - 1/1

This is Hap pi n e s s. (just kidding) (yunho/jaejoong)
1 485 words. angst. PG
originally posted here.

A house with red windows in the middle of a field of daffodil-shaded dandelions and a sun that will set only when we're ready for tomorrow. One, two; the sound of his pulse reverberating in his chest and the number of people it takes for him to be happy.

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